Welcome to the dim streets of Winterport!

(This is a game taking place in the same world as Savage Archanic so many of the links there are relevant.)

The streets of Winterport used to be bustling with activity. People came from all around the empire to involve themselves with the Wealth of the Fortune Swamps. But, after the ill-fated Heenan Expedition, they left in droves, at least all those that could afford to. Riddlesworth embraced the blackmarket and frontier attitudes that it fostered, but WInterport tried to cling to the Empire mores. Unfortuneately, with the money gone people could not ever tuely embrace the wealth of the empire. For several years, the temple operated poor houses and offerd food and comfort to the destitute, but then the donations began to stop. Some of the more wealth effectively became lords of the manor, and this led to the Hedra being replaced by a more strict Hedra. Now the town seems about half empty, it’s mouldering buildings suffering under the lack of much needed attention. But at night, the streets are a bit busier, filled with people out to make themselves a better night at the expense of someone else.

Many are of the opinion that Winterport is in it’s death throes, but there are some signs of hope. The Most divine has recently begun building a new temple, The Temple of Dusk. The Kings Guild of Epansion and Exploration has recently granted a significant amount to several of it’s members here, and they are refurbishing the guildhall. Professor Winston Hammil III is setting up a new Labratory supporting both Mechanics and Synergy. And, not to be outdone, Shavon Eastwind Whiteleaf is trying to start a magic acadamy.

Our game starts, with the players under arrest by the beleagured Town Gaurd at the ancient and crumbling Belmou Prison on various charges…

The Confusing streets

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